Tuesday 19 October 2010

The Sun Temple in Konarak


A more distant view of the Sun Temple in Orissa state in India.  The earlier one I posted in April shows a close up and some detail of the carving.  This one gives a better idea of what it looks like as a whole.  If you can pick out the small spots of colour on the far left, you will have an idea of the scale of the temple - those are people. From the back of the card:
This temple was built in the 13th century in the form of a chariot on which the sun rides through the sky daily.
The stamps show two Indian breeds of horses, the Manwari and Zanskari.
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  1. wow! What a nice view of the Temple!! I always wanted to tour to India..

  2. Wow, that's really a great picture! I also want to visit India!

  3. Incredible feat of architecture. I never realized how large this structure was. WOW!

  4. Cool! I've never seen this temple before, I mean not even in pictures!
    Nice postcard!

  5. @farah, I'd love to go too.

    @UnPocoLoco, we nearly did go a couple of years ago, but events at the time conspired against us.

    @Ancient Digger, I hadn't realised the scale of it either until I saw the tiny figures.

    @Fatima, well in that case, I'm glad you arrived here when you did. :)

  6. What an incredible picture; it looks like a window into a different era.

  7. That is a beautiful picture!
    I've been there once and it is truly breath taking! Hope you get a chance to visit it someday =)


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