Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A rhombicuboctahedron

Aerial view of ultra-modern library surrounded by parkland and city of Minsk

What is a rhombicuboctahedron?  It's a 24 sided shape just like the National Library of Belarus in Minsk shown here.  It has eight triangular and 18 square sides.  The building consists of 22 storeys covered in glass panels that sparkle in the daylight and light up at night with 4646 LED lights.  The lift you can see at the side of the building takes you up to the observation point on the roof.
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  1. this is why I love Postcrossing - who knew such buildings existed?!

  2. Such a cool looking building. I agree with VioletSky, seeing the world via postcards is not only fun, but enlightening and educational.


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