Thursday 7 October 2010

A week of maps: 6 Tainan

According to the back of the card this is an antique map of An-ping, according to the sender it's an ancient map of Tainan.  I, in my ignorance, didn't know they were much the same thing.  An-ping is now a district of Tainan, though until the 19th century it was a completely separate island.  Ocean currents changed and the lagoon between the island and mainland gradually silted up.
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  1. Blog of Note huh? you must be good... aha ;)

  2. Just lucky, and I plod on regardless. :)

  3. Congrats on Blog of Note! :)

  4. coool blog. congrats on Blog of note...I'll keep reading. thanks.

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  6. Hi Shelia, congrats on being 'blog of note' - not before time!! Nice to catch up again. (PC from Two Rocks ages ago).


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