Thursday, 1 December 2011

Russian heritage sites

Nine-in-one!  All these beautiful buildings are listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.  There are many others of course, fifteen cultural and nine natural sites already listed and probably about the same number again in the tentative list, but these ones are beautiful.  It makes me want to try to find postcards of the individual places:

I have only four (so far)
Church on Spilt Blood
St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow
Kizhi Pogost
The Kremlin, Moscow
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  1. These are lovely, and you've given me that extra push I need to go visit a Russian Art Museum we have right near me. It's housed in a lovely old church building, and is one of the few left on my must visit all Minneapolis and St. Paul and surrounding area museums!

  2. Wonderful postcard, stunning architecture.


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